Can you outrun a zombie? (Even the fast ones?)

Zombies attack a crew filming a zombie movie. While the
zombie actors chew the scenery, real zombies chew the
actors. But what’s really gnawing at them can’t be outrun.

Better tie your shoelaces. DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. asks
why we run from zombies, and why they chase us. No, you
can't always run away from your problems. Eventually, they
will catch up with you.

Written by the ensemble cast, and featuring the music of
Corsair, Astronomers, Thrum and Christian Breeden of
American Dumpster, DANGER. ZOMBIES. RUN. was
conceived and directed by the creator of the the cultish
Buddhist horror MANTRA and EAT ME: A ZOMBIE MUSICAL.

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A pilosophical zombie movie
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